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Adventure travel for small groups aged 25-35 and 35-45.
Messico: lo Yucatan dei Maya
Yucatan, From £ 1,549
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What is WeRoad?

In a few words: we do group adventures. We group strangers together (which sounds way more intimidating than it actually is) and have them share the most incredible experiences around the world.

The result? Lifelong friends created from a group of people who didn't know each other 3 weeks before. Lovely, isn’t it?

Tell us when, we'll tell you where!

Summer getaways!

A much-needed little escape from reality!
Need it!

Santorini sun?

Leave the hustle and bustle behind in favour of picturesque Greek landscapes!
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South Africa is calling!

Fascinating cultures, stunning beaches and prolific wildlife in our new South Africa itinerary!
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Chill in Costa Rica!

Dense rainforest, wild beaches and adrenaline-inducing activities!
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Fuerteventura's eternal spring!

Surfing, beaches, and stunning landscapes. Adventure doesn't have to be far away!
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Discover Peru!

Ancient Incan ruins, spectacular hiking, striking Condors and more!
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