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Get your backpack ready, we will bring new friends

Adventure travel for small groups aged 25-35 and 35-49.
Japan, From £ 1,799
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What is WeRoad?

In a few words: we do group adventures. We group strangers together (which sounds way more intimidating than it actually is) and have them share the most incredible experiences around the world.

The result? Lifelong friends created from a group of people who didn't know each other 3 weeks before. Lovely, isn’t it?

Tell us when, we'll tell you where!

Damn straight!

Take on Turkey!

Discover the heart and soul of Turkey. From National parks to bustling cities, we’ll see it all!
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Northern Lights!

Hunt for the Northern Lights across snow white landscapes
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Discover Bali!

Ancient temples, striking street art and trendy cafes! Oh, don't forget amazing beaches and so much more!

Picturesque Patagonia!

Step into the wild and experience the great outdoors!
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