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Samantha Montesarchio

Lives in Carrara
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Hello WeRoaders! I am Samantha, I am 28 years old and traveling is like air to me: you cannot live without it! I’ve been travelling a lot, but I still have a lot of unexplored places left and that’s why I decided to join the big WeRoad family. I love trips that allow me to totally immerse myself in the visited culture and territory so as to enjoy the place as a true 'local' and get out of the so-called 'comfort zone'. When I am asked what is the most beautiful place I have ever see, I always reply "the one I have not been yet" but, despite this, there have been places that have earned a special place in my heart: 1) Walking on the Great Wall of China. 2) Diving into the Dead Sea after crossing the Judean desert in Israel. In short, I love to leave and explore and then come back and start again! What about doing it together?
December 2022
Fri 30 December
11 nights
Tue 10 January
Travel coordinator Samantha Montesarchio
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