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Massimo Rugna

Lives in Oxford
Visited countries
Hi folks, I'm Massimo and I can't wait to meet you as your travel co-ordinator on your next WeRoad adventure. Before that, though, here's a few things you absolutely need to know about me:I'm Italian and so yes, this means I will sometimes do hand gestures you won’t entirely get.If you ever happen to be sitting next to me on a plane, I will always try to steal the aisle seat form you.I tend to take a picture of all the places I visit from a bird's-eye view – I love heights.Thanks for reading until the end of what has been a collection of absolutely pointless info about me. One serious snippet of information coming up – I'm just as passionate about travelling and meeting new people as I'm sure you are and that's why I'll be looking forward to getting to know you on our next WeRoad trip! Ciao!