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Maria Carmela Giannoccari

Lives in London
Visited countries
I'm an Arts Management student and a dancer, a passion that led me to move to Milan when I was 18 (I'm from Puglia, that cute fairytale-style town in my cover picture is Locorotondo, where I come from), then to Berlin for 4 years and now in the UK, where I work in the Arts but also as a barlady in a speakeasy bar. If you're wondering if I speak German, I kinda do, especially after a couple of glasses of red wine! Traveling and discovering different cultures makes my dreamer soul extremely happy, food makes me happy (especially pizza), meeting new people makes me happy, animals make me happy. Star sign: Cancer (expect a lot of tears of joy from me), water is my element so the sea is definitely one of my favourite things in the world ❤