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Kyle Anderson

Lives in Bolton
Visited countries
Yes again you’ve now entered my profile page and I am still Kyle but I am also known as Kyky. So the rumours are true, I do like to travel as I have been fortunate enough to visit multiple countries around the world. I have spent several months living in different environments from huts in Tanzania, to small rooms in Hong Kong to then living in an even smaller space by sharing tiny cabins on Cruise Ships. As mentioned previously, I like to bring energy and tempo so participating in an activity that can produce endorphins and adrenaline will create a higher buzz :) The most random thing I did was dance with a Maasai tribe in Tanzania whilst wearing local clothing. I mean I’m not a professional dancer and by all means, I am not a professional singer haha. But I love to do both, as it is an opportunity to express yourself and embrace other cultures around the world. I do not treat myself seriously, so please let’s be on this vibe and allow ourselves to create unforgettable memories :) I promise we won’t be singing or dancing on the trip hahaha. I am willing to learn and intrigued to meet new people with their own unique stories, I believe travel is a blessing to allow us, humans, to learn from one another. A wise person once said 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ I like to choose adventure by going out of my comfort zone :) However, every now and again I do like to chill. I mean who doesn’t like to breathe pure beauty in front of them. So skip the Netflix and let’s do adventure and chill :)
October 2022
Sun 16 October
12 nights
Fri 28 October
£ 12,990
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