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Beer & Travel: This is WePub

Come grab a beer and discover the WeRoad world!

Grab a beer and get to know WeRoad!

Sure, we'll travel the world together, but first, let's meet for a beer! Together with our Travel Coordinators, we want to welcome you to our WePub events, where your future travel buddies will tell you all about WeRoad and the magic that happens on tour.

We'd love to be able to sum WeRoad up in one sentence, but it's impossible to explain it without experiencing it. There are too many stories to tell, places to describe, and people to meet, so what are you waiting for?

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WePub in London

May 2022

Meet us at one of our London-based WePubs

WePub in Leeds

June 2022

Meet us at one of our Leeds-based WePubs

Group of people jumping in front of Chichen Itza in Mexico - WeRoad