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Cradle of people, mother of mankind

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“The spirit of Asia is mystery, contemplation, rest. His gaze is fixed, deep, continuous, solemn. Asia is God's garden.”

Giuseppe Vannicola

Considering all its parts, Asia is the biggest continent in the world and the only one that is touched by three oceans. Cradle of ancient empires, what makes Asia special is the incredible variety of people that live here, with their religions, traditions, and cultures, that one can see hidden in small gestures of everyday life. People traveling here know that they will receive warm smiles and welcoming words, and when meeting the locals’ eyes, they will get the feeling of seeing the soul of someone who is hiding ancient secrets and knows the future of the world.

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From the ethereal Ha Long Bay to the Taj Mahal, from the Great Wall of China to the beaches of Bali: Asia offers everything a traveller wishes for. Which destination is the one for you?