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Thiago Vieira de Castro

Lives in London
Visited countries
Hello fellow explorer! My name is Thiago, a British-Brazilian globetrotter, who loves nature, idyllic landscapes and loads of adventure. I have a background in International Relations, Aviation and Travel so I guess I am destined to be on the road. Having lived in Brazil, the Netherlands and the UK, I am a big fan of different cultures, exquisite cuisine, history, festivals, long swims in waterfalls and enjoying a sunny day on the beach. I’m always up for aerial adventures too like, flying, bungee jumping, zipline and any others. If it’s above the ground, count me in! You will always see me with my green backpack. She has a name: “Mochilene”. She has been my travel companion for years and has visited 30 countries on my back. She knows a lot about the world too. I’ll be thrilled to meet you, fellow traveller and looking forward to sharing brilliant experiences in the four corners of the world. Well, the world is round, you know. But you get it. So, let’s hit the road! Thiago