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Ross Alexander Frederick Rheinbach

Lives in Carlisle
Visited countries
Pre-Pandemic I spent the bulk of my 20s working as a freelance web designer, travelling the world in my 4x4 which I designed a built myself to include a double bed, fridge, hot shower and much more. After many European and northern African trips, in 2016 I shipped the vehicle to the USA, where I then spent nearly 3 years traversing the pan-Americas highway down to the southern tip of Argentina. I would certainly call this my best travel experience, one fraught with challenge and reward from breakdowns and corrupt police, to driving Bolivian planes and through Patagonian glacial rivers, the experience taught me to overcome any challenge that the road can throw at you with resourcefulness and a level head. I even managed to adopt a stray puppy from Chile and overcome the mountain of logistics and paperwork required to fly her back to the UK with me.
October 2022
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12 nights
Thu 27 October
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November 2022
Sat 12 November
11 nights
Wed 23 November
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