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Frederick Sutton

Lives in Egham, Surrey
Visited countries
I have been travelling the world since I was young, particularly in Africa where I worked as a safari guide in Kruger National Park. I've also worked most of my life in the travel industry, designing and delivering unique adventures around the world. Through this I've been lucky enough to go on some of my own incredible trips, from wading through rivers and fighting through the jungle to see gorillas in the Congo, to drinking cocktails in an abandoned school in Philadelphia. I now work at WeRoad ensuring our trips run smoothly, but I am also a coordinator so that I can meet our WeRoaders and take part in the adventure. While I love seeing the major sites (who can go to Jordan without seeing Petra, or New York without the Statue of Liberty!) I love anything that's a bit quirky and off the beaten track, whether that's learning to cook the local speciality with a local family, or taking time to explore unknown locations. At the end of each trip though I make sure to come back with some great memories and new friends.